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We can help your child revise effectively while at home and consequently improve their performance by helping them have more contact time with a teacher through our online and physical home tuition program.

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Rabbii TeeCha Home Tuition -Get a professional teacher help your child with their personal revision at an affordable price

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Rabii personal revision is an online revision school and personal development platform. The platform helps students perform better by providing quality and affordable academic support to students while they are at home. It has developed a different way of training teachers and partnering them with students. Ensuring quality learning through retention of top-performing teachers and removing underperforming teachers. The platform seeks to increase the number of professionals in different careers by providing professional training.
  • Growth Milestones within the program

    • Improve their product development strategy with a strong focus on their UI UX
    • Setup their growth business strategy
    • Improve and implement their Marketing & Sales strategy.
    • Have 3 Strategic partnership meetings

    GOAL 4: Quality Education. We have helped more than 40 students achieve significant improvement in their school tests, To promote quality education by reducing the student-to-teacher ratio through our 1-on-1 tuition policy. GOAL 5: Gender Equality. The team is working to provide income-generating opportunities to women through their same-gender tuition policy. GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth They have provided an alternative source of income to more than 20 teachers.
  • Benefits of Revising with Us

    One-on-one sessions with tutors. (One teacher – one student) Flexible schedules: Have online classes with a tutor at any time, any day. Consult your tutor personally after classes. Assignments are marked by a tutor not a computer Access to topical notes and papers with marking schemes Very affordable pricing, as low as Ksh 2,500 per month


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