Solar-powered cooling in East Africa’s Livestock value chain

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Baridi is an exciting new Kenyan company whose vision is to help build ventures that can maintain themselves – even remotely – to catalyse wealth and create social impact within sub-Saharan African livestock value-chains to assure economic returns for food producers. 

Most of the region is starved of electricity with the power sector significantly under-developed in terms of energy access/installed capacity. The key value of Baridi – branded in the livestock sector as BARIDI – is to link markets and cold chain stakeholders with affordable, off grid low cost, solar powered cooling solutions. 

Catalysed by uptake from domestic users, renewable solar power has become a growing energy force on the African continent and political will is increasing with clean energy advances buoyed by various policy incentives, donor-backed schemes, and de-risking mechanisms. 

The meat sector itself comprises a complex web of interactions and actors from producers to transporters and processing plants to exporters. In Kenya alone 42% of livelihoods rely on pastoralism. However, the livestock value chain is neglected with a 30% post-slaughter meat loss through wastage, a situation replicated right across sub-Saharan Africa.

Traditionally the continent accounts for just 5% of the world’s beef, sheep, chicken, goat, and pork meat production, but many sub-Saharan African countries are ripe for a revolution in productivity that could help increasing global food demand. This provides attractive opportunities for investors, though making storage more efficient whilst also protecting the environment, improving smallholder livelihoods, and evolving more efficient modes of production to meet demand/encourage exports is challenging. 

Within this environment Baridi has amassed a track record and assembled a strong like-minded team to provide a 5kW standalone chilling service combining nanogrid and cold storage technology. A €353k seed round has been successfully completed from six national and international donor groups to set up and run three initial units within Kenya. The first on-site service has commenced in Burma market in Nairobi. 

Company strategy is to place units in commercial urban sites before an informed learning curve can afford service progression back out into the rural areas. Baridi will focus on scaling the livestock value chain using four different business models (pay as you store, direct sales, lease to buy & franchising) with the beachhead market consisting of selling meat chilling services into Kenya. This will be followed exporting services into at least five other countries; Tanzania, Botswana, Rwanda, Nigeria and Ethiopia. 

Regarding competition, Baridi is a first mover in the livestock market and the simple fact is that there are not enough players in the sector. There is room enough for many more players, but Baridi is carving out a specific branded niche to build a defendable position and scale within the livestock sector itself. In this regard Baridi is being mentored by Solarkiosk Solutions, a major operator within the solar service space in Africa.

Solar-powered cooling in East Africa’s Livestock value chain

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This is a company that focuses on solar-powered cooling projects in east Africa’s livestock value chain,22% of livestock in Kenya rely on pastoralism and 30% of slaughter meat loss is felt economically, Impact:*****SDG addressing In terms of SDGS Through this, the company has provided solar-powered cold rooms, livestock value chain and preserves 300,000kgs of meat annually. It has adopted a revenue model of pay as you store which yields annual growth of USD 26,700 per unit and USD1.7 million in the fifth year This has created 190 informal jobs per lifespan. Use of funds - USD 100,000 - Ksh. 12,459,533 No.of clients indicated in Sales Analysis Project Baridi has engaged a USD 308,000 seed round from 5 donor group each in varying post-conceptual stages The company faces competition from;
  • live animal markets
  • Portable coolers ramtons (fridge and freezers)
  • Transport refrigeration thermoking(mobile solar cooling)
Equity to offer: About 2 to 5% Current Evaluation: Don't have one at the moment Company’s value before came to us:  a 100,000USD investment, we might give out a 2%-5% interest
  • 20-07-2021


    Baridi focuses on solar-powered cooling systems to tackle post-slaughter meat loss in East Africa\'s livestock value chain. 22% of livestock keepers in Kenya rely on pastoralism and 30% of slaughter meat is lost due to a lack of preservation storage rooms at the main market point for small and micro traders. Baridi provides cooling storage rooms that allow small and micro traders to sell all their day\'s produce without going bad. Eliminating food wastage and increasing profit margins for small and Micro traders.
  • 25-09-2021

    Growth Milestones within the program

    • Optimize their Operations & Capital expenditures.
    • Have 3 Manufacture Meetings
    • Improve and implement their Marketing strategy.
  • 02-11-2021


    SDG 2: Zero Hunger: Eliminating food wastage.22% of livestock keepers in Kenya rely on pastoralism and 30% of slaughter meat is lost due to a lack of preservation storage rooms SDG 7: Affordable and clean energy: Through the provision of solar power pay as you store cooling to power small and micro traders SDG 9: Industry innovation and infrastructure: The solution is innovative, solving the livestock value chain market system gap.
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