Pangea Connect partnership with Kenya Diaspora Alliance

It was an honour to do this podcast with Dr. Shem Ochuodho on behalf of the Kenya Diaspora Alliance who are our allies in our quest to double diaspora remittances to Kenya by 2030 and drive the same into profitable investments.


In this episode, we discuss the opportunities and challenges in working with diaspora and the outline for how Kenya can become the leading country in Africa in revolutionising the way diaspora remittances are invested.

3 thoughts on “Pangea Connect partnership with Kenya Diaspora Alliance

  1. This is the best tour on the east coast! It was amazing how many places we visited and what great memories we made!

  2. This was not our first time going to here. It is a great place to shop not too far from New York. We took the bus from Port Authority and traveled through the countryside to get there.

  3. We always stay at here when in town. The location is great, staff is wonderful and we love the overall feel. Beautiful view from the here.

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